Fantastic days of fun and "rural" life
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Fontevivola Ranch

Our equestrian centre

Fontevivola Ranch is a newly built equestrian centre boasting an avant-garde structure in the world of horse riding, and in particular in the American Monta. The entire complex has been studied and realized with passion, without architectural barriers, with the intention of merging a healthy competitive spirit, sincere love and respect for this incredible animal, relaxation, carefree, simplicity... but also a high level of skills and professionalism. At our center you can spend fantastic days of fun and "rural" life, you can organize beautiful horseback riding along different routes, according to your needs (we are at a step from the nature reserve of Lake Vico and the ancient Via Francigena). The center hosts many American horses (Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paint Horse) of the best genealogies in circulation, bred and trained with passion by our technicians...... First of all, the Great Instructor Giovanni Bruschi with the inseparable partner Marco Maccarrone. All staff at Fontevivola Ranch will be at your disposal to spend an unforgettable day, or to undertake a path of technical growth in American mountaineering disciplines, in herd work, and in the start-up of Team Penning. We expect you to.

Our Activities

Monta Western Performance

In this category of "Performance" we find all the disciplines of American riding school, see them together

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Team Penning Ranch Sorting and Cow Horse

The Stock Disciplines represent the soul of Monta Western we in our center have chosen to practice these practices:

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Pony instructor and lessons for children

The Pony activity has become fundamental for young riders and is certainly the most "welcome" sector for parents.

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Circuit Giocapony Hop&Taco e PonArt

After the test season carried out in 2016 with many positive results, the "Fontevivola Ranch" married the Pony project named Fitetrec Ante.

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Horse board in box and paddock

The structure designed in a modern and functional way is particularly suitable to accommodate horses both in boxes and paddocks.

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Breeding and training

We breed and train foals in American mounts by signalling the skills of the horse and directing it in this way or in the various disciplines speed,...

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Stallions for the seasons of mounting

The Quarter Horse is a unique horse for characteristics and reliability in both work and sports disciplines.

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Equestrian Tourism The Via Francigena in Sutri

Sutri is a centre of ancient origins, in which rocky tombs dating back to the VI - IV century BC are still visible, the Roman amphitheatre of...

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Our Staff

Giovanni Bruschi


Marco Maccarrone


Patrizia Pulcini



Our Partners

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